Facebook Videos Hide Malicious Crypto-Currency Hack

Facebook Videos Hide Malicious Crypto-Currency Hack

While most people do take the time to evaluate videos and links posted on Facebook timelines by their friends, it can be confusing when one receives a link via Facebook Messenger. There is a new crypto-currency virus that is spreading via Facebook Messenger that is specifically targeted at users of cryptocurrency trading platforms with the intent of stealing their access details.

Facexworm – Spread Through Facebook Messenger

The malicious virus which is a Chrome extension first started making the rounds in August of 2017, but it is only in the last six months, with the massive increase in people signing up for cryptocurrency sites that it has become a big problem. The latest iteration of the Facexworm virus has been in circulation for a few weeks and has the potential to cause real damage.
Just one click on the ‘link’ or ‘video’ sent by a trusted Facebook friend will allow the extension to open and start working in the background of Chrome where it is able to unleash the capability to steal account credentials from cryptocurrency trading sites and further misdirect users to fake cryptocurrency sites. It is also able to inject miners into a host webpage to be used for mining cryptocurrencies without the owner’s knowledge. The virus is similar to ‘Digmine’ which was able to redirect users to fake video site with the potential to steal user account information. Once the fake site has the access via OAuth token from Facebook, it has access to all your details and those of your friends list.

Vigilance and Protection

Though Facebook and Chrome have been able to isolate and remove the viruses and put security protection in place, but the most important security measures start with the user. One must always check the authenticity of seemingly random links and videos sent via friends, not matter how enticing and interesting they look. When in doubt – delete the link without opening it!