After having its systems frozen by hackers an Austrian high-end resort is dumping electronic room cards for old fashioned locks and keys. The management in the Austrian Alps, of Romantik Seehotel Jaegerwirt, said that they have been repeatedly targeted by cybercriminals. One latest infection with ransom applications, on Dec. 6, led to an entire shutdown of resort computers. The couple needed to pay 1,500 euros worth of the electronic currency bitcoin to restore their network. hotel room card key

The story of the hack of the resort was broadly shared after several publications erroneously reported that the ransomware led to guests being locked in or from their rooms. But Brandstaetter stated that the attack only led to new guests being not able to get the keys to their rooms for a couple hours. New arrivals were treated to champagne and went trekking or skiing in the interim, she said. The spate of electronic intrusions has prompted the resort to update its network. Most radically, she said the resort would eventually go back to the lock and key system as in times of our grandpas.”

Cyber attack on hotel's computers left guest locked out
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Cyber attack on hotel's computers left guest locked out
read about how cyber attackers hacked this hotel's computers leaving its guest locked out of their rooms or locked in
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