Shimon Sheves – A Public Life of Service

Shimon Sheves – Bringing Israel to the World

Shimon Sheves truly embodies the adage, “Think Global, Act Local”. He is deeply passionate about his homeland of Israel and works tirelessly to support his community, yet is also an entrepreneur and well-respected global finance and management consultant, who brings his wealth of international experience to his work in the private sector.

A Life of Service in the Public Eye

Shimon Sheves

Shimon Sheves

Former head of the Prime Minister’s Office under prime minister Yitzhak Rabin RSLB


Born and raised in Israel, Shimon Sheves entered the political arena at a young age, working alongside former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in the Ministry of Defense. Rabin appointed Sheves as his Personal Assistant during his tenure as the Defense Minister, and Shimon was entirely responsible for the rapid growth and management of infrastructure programs implemented during this time, with a focus on the Jewish West Bank settlements. His input, leadership and vision for these programs is widely acknowledged as being part of the success of future economic policies for Israel.

By 1992, he was appointed to the position of Campaign Manager for Rabin and the Labour Party as they headed into a general election. The results, under the leadership, innovation and tutelage of Sheves was a stunning victory and majority for the party in the Knesset. Soon after, Sheves was appointed by Rabin as General Director and Chief of Staff.

Deeply saddened by the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin in 1995, Shimon Sheves resigned his positions and left Israeli politics to continue his work for social causes and as a consultant in the private sector.

Political Consultant and Entrepreneur

Shimon Sheves is the co-founder and co-owner of RSLB, a management consulting firm based in Washington DC. He leads a team of savvy and seasoned political, business and financial experts, who promote Israeli businesses on a global platform as well as working with several notable cyber companies.

Sheves is also the founder and chairman of HolistiCyber company that provides nation-state level cyber security service. The cyber and high-tech industries are among the fastest growing sectors in Israel, and Shimon works with a number of local start-ups looking to promote and expand their markets in Europe and the United States. he has served as a crucial political advisor to prime ministers from Romania.


Sheves also works to facilitate key partnerships within the global real estate market, in developing nations in Africa as well as in Brazil. The focus of this work is to ensure that local economies are stimulated and benefit from overseas investment. This is a fundamental part of what drives Shimon Sheves: the ability, commitment and vision to expand, enhance and provide sustainable long-term programs that deliver results.

Shimon Sheves spends as much time as possible in Israel when he is not working. He is a devoted supporter of the Rabin Center in Tel Aviv, as well as a number of non-profit organizations that support the disabled.

Shimon Sheves


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Shimon Sheves
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