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Malware goes to College

A little while ago, I wrote on this Blog about the threat that the form of malware known as Ransomware poses to our online security. Now I want to focus on the particular threat that Ransomware poses to universities. I’m thinking of a recent case in which one...

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Are Smart Phones Really That Smart?

With increased connectivity, the real world and the digital world are becoming intrinsically connected. The Internet of Things is growing exponentially and more and more devices in offices, on roads and in homes form part of this interconnected network. Cars are...

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Shimon Sheves

Shimon Sheves truly embodies the adage, “Think Global, Act Local”. He is deeply passionate about his homeland of Israel and works tirelessly to support his community. Sheves is also the founder and chairman of HolistiCyber company that provides nation-state level cyber protection.