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Flash Player zero-day vulnerability

As indicated in FortiGuard Advisory FGA-2010-53, an attack exploiting a critical zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player was found very recently roaming in the wild. Although the attack vector in the wild is a PDF file, it is a Flash Player vulnerability indeed...

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Cyber Spy Ring in China Exposed

‘GhostNet’ is Unveiled A cyber spy operation that operates internationally and is known as GhostNet was recently uncovered by the Munk Center for International Studies, a security research concern based at the University of Toronto in Canada at the request of Canada’s...

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Shimon Sheves

Shimon Sheves truly embodies the adage, “Think Global, Act Local”. He is deeply passionate about his homeland of Israel and works tirelessly to support his community. Sheces is also the founder and chairman of HolistiCyber company that provides nation-state level cyber protection.